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I like Capt Marvel as a character okay, but Brie Larson as a person, I do not like.

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Not all predators make themselves known beforehand, Eugen.

Saw a really big snail yesterday, I was proud of him

if you're younger than 18 or older than 40 you should log off

bro you just posted discourse. you are going to loose follower

Trans people have been around as long as humans have. Kinnies have been around since a little after the internet started.

Don't compare the very real plight of trans individuals to you thinking you're a fucking anime character.

I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

when I was playing sims yesterday/2 days ago I turned on the blues radio station since it was the closest one to metal and it actually wasn't bad

@applebaps @Dayglochainsaw personally figure it's more to do with the hyperbolic time chamber that is online

one cannot simply enjoy a thing, one cannot simply dislike a thing: it is either the center of your being or something that you are defined by your emnity towards

and so you get people who decide to go past "i really enjoy these fictional characters" to "i am actually this particular homestuck" and there is not much you can do but shrug and say "well, good luck with that"

Watching the kinnieverse prepare to attack me from inside a churches chicken

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.