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the main character from equus had “horse boy energy” and look what happened...

Picking up on some warning scents of what's to come during summertime bus use..

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my favorite part of playing games on windows is installing Microsoft Visual C++ Library 2005 for the 20th time.

And so, with an overdramatic post online, I'm coming out as just a plain old cis dude! i feel that this label works a lot better for my identity, and i realize now that there is space for cis men in online queer spaces.

Y'all everyone fucking follow @SouthernGothHick they are the farmer posting pig and goat and sheep on the TL I was dreaming about

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me, a pure Christian pastor trying to have church: and now let us pray

god: hnnngh pastor my balls are dummy thicc and I'm trying to do miracles but they keep clapping together and causing tsunamis

me: I thought I told you never to call me at work

ive been in a very "climb into maws in the earth" kind of mood

You know what's fun? Civilization building games. Anno is such an under rated series.

The Great Cave Offensive from Kirby Super Star is better than any Uncharted game. :kirby_idle: :yeet:

i'm waking up
to ash and dust
i eat my ass
and i slap my nuts

To serve Penguin! It's a coding manual!

(Someone please get this obscure and super dated joke.)

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C̮͚͉̞̼r̳͔̤̲y͕̱p̣̮͢t̬̠̙͔͘ͅi̪̣͢d̡̦̤̯̺̥ͅs̫̖̫͍̣͙̗ ̦̫̻O͔̩̫̘͜ņ̟̳̣̻̟l̸͈̖͍̥̳͙i̱͙̘ne̶̠̘̥͚

A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.