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Well having just read all of bees toots I'll be logging off for the foreseeable future.

Dude just walked on to the bus wearing a diamond eagle necklace that says "BOSS" and a camo bandana, and he has a lit cigar!! God I love this city.

I think the Joker movie will be good. it will be a lot of fun for me to copy the actions of The Joker exactly, after I see the movie

i am honestly a little envious of lesbians and how much cutsey shit they can get away with and still have plausible deniability of cluelessnes

Sometimes you don't find anything at Goodwill. Other times you find a 3 foot tall 'murica stein.

Same Hat but it's two white guys wearing the ahegao hoodie noticing each other while walking across campus

boomers: no one hands you anything in this life
also boomers: it trickles down… somehow

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