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I am Ridley, they/them, 22 billion years old, covered in eyes unblinking and shadows unending

In my spare time I like reading cursèd runes, consuming bones, and taking long walks on the sandy dunes of the cosmic wasteland

My friends say I am "funny", "wonderful", "terrible", and "an all-around nightmare in both dreams and waking life; do not stare directly at Them, for you risk losing your very mind to the infinite void of Their existence"


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anyone want to meet up for drinks at the levitating obsidian spire at the edge of town?

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fun fact! my eyes fall out on a fairly regular basis; if you were to look inside me you would see the rows upon rows of eyeballs ready to slide in and fill my empty sockets :::)
I’m like a shark :::)

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my favourite snack is trail mix, I just love how the flavours of obsidian shards and teeth compliment each other

first date idea: we go to the scp foundation and initiate a full-scale jailbreak of every contained entity 🙈

I’m gonna gentrify cryptids you can only join if you’re aesthetically pleasing and I’m gonna buy out all the defunct accounts

I'm only getting 2 sets from this kickstarter too, plus the accent pins and the 3 bonus pins + 1 extra accent pin that were given to backers for free

my fursona would be a bat but if I myself were actually an animal, I’d be a magpie 100%. wears only black and white, collects shiny things, can sometimes recognize themself in a mirror, etc

I added up all the pins I’ve preordered, it turns out I’m waiting on 18 unique pins

all but 2 are from the same kickstarter...

Final product!!! So happy with how this #CrossStitch turned out :blobcatheart: :blobcatblush: gonna figure out someway to turn it into a magnet for my friend so I'll let you all know how that goes...........

@ridley Who gave you permission to take pictures of me and my siblings as babies

Happy ! Here's hoping a song in your heart moves you to dance as this lad.

who wants to go snort some bone dust behind a denny's and bait some humans into thinking we're real?

mortals tend to assume the void is cold but it's not. it merely feels like an endless extension of yourself, temperature-less, motionless, and ever-expanding

It's #WorldAutismAwarenessDay so here's some things to keep in mind!

- autism $peaks is a hate group
- instead of blue (associated w A$), use #RedInstead
- puzzle pieces = bad. we don't have pieces missing, we're whole, real people. most of us prefer the infinity symbol!

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.