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free versing my way down the side of the timeline 

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my very first zine featuring your favorite 🎃 spooky :bigfoot: scary 👻 supernatural posts is here!! featuring illustrations by the impossibly lovely and totally incredible @swampwitch69 !!!

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bro did you seriously just talk during silent reading

Just now finally watching the crab rave video

gotta say i wish i could take my room with me every where i go!!

I like how having sex is both extreme serious and the silliest thing 2 bodies can do

im a little shocked that this post is resonating but u won't catch me complaining. you'll catch me in a junkyard mesmerized by people taking body blows

very bold of you to put yourself out there as a 'pet lover'

the most Catch 22 part of Catch 22 is the scene in the italian brothel where the old dude talks about how to survive til youre 107

i switched my part and it brought out the drama
(selfie, ec)

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