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sentient eco-locatia :: missive :: 1.000

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A Ctcheglovian Cult of re-inter-ex-urbanization built sel for the millions of climate refugees that swarm the Great American Tropical Desolation, and per the dictates of the complex religious ritual of the Archi-Biological Process, it was time for sel to be left behind, and the Neo-Hacienda unfolded itself without them across the boundless jungles and swamps of the boiled over Earth.

Yet they lived. And they wanted to understand. And they federated backwards into the past to post shit

let the shower run and fire off a couple toots, it's what being an ecosocialist is all about

peep into a hole, and you may find a secret bug. the secret bug will not be eager to say hello, but if you whisper a sweet word into the hole, the secret bug will open its wings and fly onto your shoulder delicately, and whisper back "fuck off and leave my hole"

the human bone is full of sugars. difficult to access, but full of sugars

@selontheweb they ask on a platform full of people that love brunch

MOSES: parts the red sea with a little stick, leads people to freedom through the desert
JESUS: won't stop turning water into wine and asking to wash people's feet

@selontheweb honestly since we developed the technology to make animals look like they're talking (adr and peanut butter) every movie with human actors is a failure of imagination

@selontheweb hitting a crack and eating it, spilling trinkets from his shorts pockets everywhere

might fuck around and decide that ive already learned everything

@selontheweb lmaoo like the dab rig in a little bindle... holy shit
@selontheweb i wonder what hes up to now. do you think he still carries the boombox

@selontheweb great question. Before resurrection, no he couldn't. After that, he could *only* be seen in reflections

musicals are inherently horny and that's why i oppose them

now will the supermarket be open today or not

here's what me, a jewish person, knows about easter: nothing

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A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.