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just a little monster without any ideas, starting to go horn-bald. their teeth are worn down. just not as sharp as they used to be

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sentient eco-locatia :: missive :: 1.000

blogging in public feels more real than writing it in a word doc, somehow

Thinking about really phoning in a post tonight. Something shitty like, "The Skeleton abides," or "Cant' spell evening with out eve"

*weeping into the ocean begging the whales to save us from ourselves*

@selontheweb you’re damn right it is!!! if you hack into her email account she’ll have to change her password. think about how much trouble she had remembering the last one

it is liberal bias that no one is teaching the conservatives how to post online. it is liberal bias that no one has visited each conservative person’s house to teach them how to steal wifi from the nearby mcdonald’s

The rhino from james and the giant peach is a cryptid

slaving away on a hot post stove, getting sweat in the sauces and frying up adjectives

gonna become one of those youtube channels with millions of subscribers and daily views where i scroll through a random reddit page and just look at posts

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C̮͚͉̞̼r̳͔̤̲y͕̱p̣̮͢t̬̠̙͔͘ͅi̪̣͢d̡̦̤̯̺̥ͅs̫̖̫͍̣͙̗ ̦̫̻O͔̩̫̘͜ņ̟̳̣̻̟l̸͈̖͍̥̳͙i̱͙̘ne̶̠̘̥͚

A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.