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haha yeah 9 is here and it's fucked up. it's like wowee and damn do you know what i'm saying. It's in 2 parts, one parts wow, one part's fucked up

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my very first zine featuring your favorite 🎃 spooky :bigfoot: scary 👻 supernatural posts is here!! featuring illustrations by the impossibly lovely and totally incredible @swampwitch69 !!!

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not too weird to be loved, just too weird to be loved by boring people

facial tattoo idea: just the word 'hanny' on your forehead

:) wholesome, friendly, kind

:^) a rake, do not trust him

(: no honor. he has pvp enabled

(^: deeply cursed, an enemy of my city

@selontheweb the only time your self has no boundaries is when you are completely alone, yeah.

fun for a communist to settle on the idea that "i guess that's just the way that it is"

i am definitely talking in a circle here, but I know that i'm weird and that i'm happier and happier the weirder i get but it also makes me sadder and lonelier as i get there

i think what it comes down to is:

what's the point of rejecting alienation to seek kinship in your self and body if you become alienated from love and other people.

i really don't know how to frame this in a way that doesn't call for total revolution in the way our social attachments are structured or a reactionary push towards "Normalcy"

i'm curious when weirdness goes beyond not being known and into a sexy kind of hyperalienation

developing a class position for your eccentric uncles of all income brackets

when does weirdness stop being radical and start reinforcing of bourgeois individualism

gleeful in my weirdness and yet, somehow, lonely

the f-word is the key to short form internet website content

come on let's ignore each other baby. let's stand there and look past each other's gazes. let's lie down in bed and not feel the warmth. come on baby

I renovated my ass, tits, and hips into three-bedroom studio apartments with really thin walls

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