A Ctcheglovian Cult of re-inter-ex-urbanization built sel for the millions of climate refugees that swarm the Great American Tropical Desolation, and per the dictates of the complex religious ritual of the Archi-Biological Process, it was time for sel to be left behind, and the Neo-Hacienda unfolded itself without them across the boundless jungles and swamps of the boiled over Earth.

Yet they lived. And they wanted to understand. And they federated backwards into the past to post shit

@Dayglochainsaw does that count as breaking character

eh i guess in fiction i shitpost to understand the world of the past, that seems under the purview

ok so:

@Dayglochainsaw Ivan Ctcheglov was a dude who lived in Paris in the 50s/60s and was pals with all the Situationists. While not a situationist himself, he was hugely influential on much of their critique of urbanism and wrote a deeply important manifesto called Formulary for a New Urbanism.

Ctcheglov believed that a truly ethical urbanism must exist outside of the experience of everyday life, especially outside the experience of capitalist life, modes of social relation, experiencing time, etc

@Dayglochainsaw Chtcheglov believed that a city must be at the whim of the people who live within it, that means that it must itself experience time organically, experience life through a lens of play and spontaneous creation. Ctcheglov this the "Hacienda," hence the famous line "The Hacienda must be built."

I also pulled from the writings of the Metabolists, who believed that a city must also be organic, thought of as a living being, built to be modular and flexible.

very very meta 

very very meta 

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw It's cool. I'm just glad more people know about this now. I always worry I made up Ivan, he appeals to me so much. But then it's probably more pertinent to be concerned that he made me up.

@MordecaiPinhas @Dayglochainsaw OOF oh my lord mood, he's just too good to be true... and so are we, i suppose!

@selontheweb @Dayglochainsaw Always remember that about yourself. You are the impossible dream of a mad revolutionary come to life.

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