my upstairs neighbors have a bathtub on wheels. they fill it with sand, pennies, rock cube, marbles, 3 sided dice, and bones. then they fucking kick it back and forth across the room

@selontheweb oh hey mine too

it's the you tube "bone hell" challenge

@morae everyone wants to be a you tube star nowadays, and at the cost of their bones and my peace of mind

@selontheweb don't they know that they can be the star of MY tube ... if they'd only shut the fuck up

@morae but we can't give them branding deals.... only u tube can

@selontheweb I imagine someone takes synecdoches of your con tent and places them on various googaws such as pop sockets and tee shits

@selontheweb for in stance, a "sel brand" tee shirt might say "that's jazz babey" before bursting into flames

@morae the thing is Callie... that t-shirt exists... it's bjenny montero brand... and i ordered one just last week..

@selontheweb @morae I wanted to order one of their shirts but the shipping was like $30 lol

@selontheweb that's... this is just too much. i'm sorry

@dirt it's the only explanation for the racket they're raising this morning

@selontheweb *slamming a medium-sized pig against a dumpster filled with screw-nuts* fuck you. this is art

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