the Sad Wizard of Language morosely puts together another spell

sex wizards dumpin out their magic bag full of oils and plastics

unhappy realtor wizards cast a cookie scent spell and ignore their voicemail

elevator wizard hits the button for the 14th floor


guilt wizard can't conjure up the magicks to apologize

small wizard tugs the big wizard's hem, asks if he can spare a few minutes to talk it out

enby wizard shaves every morning and takes some deep breaths

huge wizard looms above the stone courtyard, content to be the background

music wizard shreds it out and feels better after

commerce wizard manifests the manifest and has the cargo golems get to work

DVD commentary wizard sheds magelight on occult filmmaking techniques

yoga wizard bends over backwards for their students

new PhD wizard shells out some gold coin to Magient

@selontheweb personally, I’m an enby with a beard and i like having one. But that’s just me.

@MCtheCat ALL enbies of ALL facial hair types are valid and have my love!!!

(secret: i am the wizard in this post)

@selontheweb Thank you. I just sometimes have trouble cause i feel pressured to be more androgynous.

Valid if you feel like shaving, though.

@MCtheCat every single enby of every single look and size and body type is valid in how they are and i love each and every one of them soso much

@selontheweb You are super nice and i always love talking to you. :heart_nb:

@MCtheCat thank you so much friend, you're so extremely sweet yourself

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