picture this: you're plato. your butt smells awful and your robes are flecked with spoiled goats milk. you have olive pits stuck in your snarled and knotted beard. you live in a hole lined with pigs leather. you sit down at your 3 legged table and say "somewhere things are perfect." then u die and fancy lads agree wiht you for like 1000 years

@dankwraith @selontheweb he established the mind-body dualistic split and the idealization of the other side of the fence that drove the entire western world batshit insane instead of letting us be at peace with ourselves as animals but yes okay "nothing wrong"

@applebaps @dankwraith @selontheweb
Personally, I conceptualize ideas of things like math and art in a platonic way(descending from some ideal form), but everything else he said or did was mostly silly.

@selontheweb goats milk and olive? handmade pigskin hole liners? what is this, a restoration hardware?!

@selontheweb the story of how sel got cancelled for being racist against greeks

@selontheweb yeah sel - we get it - he lived like every other Man in existence.

@selontheweb *gag* no the platonic ideal of 'Man' is Jon Hamm wearing a roman centurion uniform. jesus did you forget we worked all this shit out on a chalk board back in like august?

@Zoe ah shit i'm really showing my Plato side here (slovenly, sloppy, forgetful)

@Zoe jon hamm in a roman centurion outfiit is what i see when I close my eyes

@selontheweb "guess what bird I'm ripping the feathers out today"

This doesn't sound like the Platonic ideal Plato.........

@jordyd not only was Plato a big soaking wet ham of a man he also made sure i had to hear about him in 2019

To be fair I don't think he knew of any numbers as big as 2019

@selontheweb The most important thing to know about Plato is that his name, "Plato," was a reference to how ripped he was, meaning that even late in life he was bragging about how good he was at high school sports.

Plus I mean he's the greek equivalent of "The Situation."

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