hyperlink and i made a lil thing :)

click here to learn about locomotive magic, spiderman politics, and where slides should go

i don't wanna talk shit but i think it's good and that's because i'm in it and so is my friend, so,

@Aleums @selontheweb the sheer amount of restraint it took to not make the convo about bears

@selontheweb this starts off so excitedly and carries that all the way through. thank you so much for this

@j997922 for you, jer anything ❤️ ❤️ ! it was a blast to make

@selontheweb @hyperlink

Ohhhhh my glob this was so good! I've never heard a podcast with this much energy lol ilysm 💜

@selontheweb oh my gosh i cant believe this, it's really good!! also you two have real nice voices, i could listen to this for 6 hours on a boring car ride

@selontheweb I laughed so fucking much I absolutely adore this I can't wait for more

@bryn aaa thank you bryn! 😊 i will tell the pilot to be extra careful

@selontheweb it was a magical journey and I feel blessed to have listened along

@selontheweb i cant wait to have some time aside to listen to this!

@selontheweb This is the best podcast cold open I've heard since the Lyndon LaRouche chapo episode.

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