one of my favorite hobbies is saying "now, now fellas" as i get backed into a corner

another one of my favorite hobbies is acting nervous and saying "how's about them patriots fellas"

@selontheweb I like to hit em with the casual 'Sup, mane?' and then just let em run with that

@selontheweb in the history of this phrase being delivered in this scenario has it ever produced the intended effect of dissuading said fellas from their chosen course of action. we need a fact check

@robin "oh wow excuse, you are so right, it is now. my apologies friend, go on ahead"

@selontheweb stop misgendering the group, sel. fellas is a masculine noun and should only be used for groups of consistent masculine gender

@_ this is extremely on me, thank you for calling me in on this


sometimes well punctuated by "i've got a bad feeling about this"

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