my very first zine featuring your favorite 🎃 spooky :bigfoot: scary 👻 supernatural posts is here!! featuring illustrations by the impossibly lovely and totally incredible @swampwitch69 !!!

@swampwitch69 i want to spotlight just how amazing hanny is her illustrations are completely off the chain !!

@selontheweb @swampwitch69 hanny these illustrations are AMAAAZZIINGGGGG!!!!

sel this is a god damn triumph

@selontheweb @swampwitch69
I would love to learn how to use indesign, is it difficult to use?

@TeethTeethTeeth i don't wanna say it's intuitive but the learning curve wasn't as steep as i expected! there's some really dope built in tutorials that were super useful, and everything else i googled!!

@selontheweb @TeethTeethTeeth and once you kind of get the hang of it InDesign is amazing for laying out lots of text! I was afraid of it in school but eventually learned to love it :)

@selontheweb @swampwitch69 SEL this is so good!!! my fav is the whiplash from reading that whole dinner monster story and then going right back to little organisms... oh and i love the hanny art also

@spookcentral @swampwitch69 i cannot stress how obsessed I am with hanny's drawings they're everything

@selontheweb sel! 💓 thank you for letting me get in on this! this is both cute and also cool as fuck aaaaa #blessed

@swampwitch69 @selontheweb
You two did a very cool thing. It most definitely whips ass.

@tarzanboy @selontheweb fuck... the highest level of praise (thank you so much pet!)

@swampwitch69 ♥️♥️♥️♥️x 1million you're the best and I'm so stoked you'd help!!

@selontheweb @swampwitch69 fuck all the way off look at this thing!!! amazing 💖💖💖💖

@selontheweb @swampwitch69 ive finally gotten around to reading this and holy shit it did not disappoint. you two are a gift to the world of fine art

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