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Hi! I'm the admin! If you have any questions, concerns, requests, please feel free to slide into the DM's. I want this instance to be a safe place for all persons, with a particular focus on folks who come into oppression and are in need of safety.

Much love, and happy tooting.

whyd i make this. nobody has used this meme in 3000 years

Good morning! Today I am anxious, but I feel more capable of performing under pressure than I have in weeks. Hopeful that this trend continues.


i failed my vibe check, banned from having vibes for 12 hours. total bullshit

Mh (-) 

thinking about scouring the wastelands for something to just fucking destroy
too much fucking sand and nothing i can just go ham on


actually i change my answer, i would simply execute a hurricane spin with my sword and cut down the plants in my way

corn mazes are the dumbest thing to me, like just walk out bro it's not hard

Tater tots > French fries (McDonald's) > French fries > onion rings > sweet potato fries

[throws dart at bulletin board]

the Moon Presence

[spins enormous wheel]

is a gay icon

the american bison should absolutely be the US's national animal and not bald eagles

Daughter: hey, check out all these custom dice sets of amazing colours I got for £50 at the con this weekend

Me: here's the garbage bag full of random dice I got online for like £2.50


also the next time i see some indie media property that takes place in some neo-future steampunk world im gonna set my house on fire.... you're not unique for saying "steampunk... but with cellphones", it's been played out since 1994

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