The idea that small business owners are hoarding cash somewhere and starving their workers on purpose is an example of a non-systemic analysis.

Small business owners frequently don't profit, and to blame them and pit minimum wage workers against small business owners who are likely in mountains of debt themselves is exactly what the lenders, corporations, and politicians want. Nobody is arguing that it's a good system, but arguing that they're all evil people is frankly Stalinist.

And this ties back to an earlier toot of mine. When y'all are done burning everything to the ground and it comes time to build something new, who will be left?

I want to eat Jeff Bezos, I'm with you. I don't want to eat my best friend's dad who ran a restaurant and could barely afford his own mortgage, let alone college for his kids. It's the system, not the victims, and yes, in this case, that small business owner (gasp) is a victim of the oppressive system in which we all are forced to participate. Where is your compassion, people?

@socialskeleton if your friend's dad could barely afford his mortgage, imagine what his employees made. you can have it tough and still be a perpetrator of flat out evil

@socialskeleton idk about others but I've worked for multiple small businesses where there was clear evidence of cash hoarding, deliberate ignorance of safety regulations, and underpaying of workers.

@SallyStrange And that is a fair and valid experience. My issue is with the false equivalency between small business ownership as a means to create income for your family in a broken, BROKEN system and the action of worker exploitation, which is done by profit-seeking hierarchies of any sort. I just don't think it's a productive take when there are underlying diseases causing these symptoms.

@socialskeleton methinks it's a bit of hyperbolic course correction for folks who've been indoctrinated to think small biz = good and big Corp = bad. I know I went thru that somewhat.


I do feel compassion, but at the same time I've had to tolerate some terrible garbage on small business jobsites. I'd tell any prospective employee that to assume you'll get better treatment and more respect from a small business owner is to basically walk in with a giant "Kick Me" sign on your back.

The same way that my civil service career ended with me quitting in disgust due in large part to my bosses, but that doesn't mean I'm anti-government.

@socialskeleton But I do agree with the original point, that simply owning a business or being "a boss" doesn't put anyone in the class of villains. That sort of thinking is just too simplistic and not revolutionary at all.

We need to address they system, not just attack various demographics. Or else post-revolution we'll just reinstitute crappy systems.


- Small business owners needs to hoard cash (ie, event of a recession, event of any accidents, etc). There is nothing wrong with this.

- Small business owners are not responsible for the personal finance of their workers.

- If a small business owner does not profit, sooner or later there will be no business to own.

- Small business debt is different to personal debt due to the legal structure set up for that business (ie no liability).

- "arguing that they're all evil people is frankly Stalinist" Wouldn't waste my time with them.
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