Do y'all think I need to worry if the black cat I adopted woke me up with five piercing meows I've never heard it or any cat make at precisely midnight in the middle of the rug in my bedroom?

This isn't a shitpost by the way, I'm asking all cat owners and/or witches.

Forgot to mention, Fred's previous owner died and I don't know how or why.

@socialskeleton the cat is a cryptid and one day you will reckon with this fact

@socialskeleton understood. The stripey cat is currently throwing herself at an invisible spot on the wardrobe and sliding down. Repeatedly.

It's a cat thing. I don't understand.

The other cat assures me it's nothing to worry about and also it is breakfast time now.

They may or may not have been ~~reacting to the shadow people, you have been warned~~ getting a bit of the late-night zoomies energy.

Nope, just means it's working! That or it's hungry for your soul-essence, but all cats are.

well I have a cat, so im kind of an expert so uhhhhh

maybe its hungry or thirsty or wants attention. hungry for what or thirsty for what or wants what kind of attention, I cannot know. maybe flesh or souls

@socialskeleton this has been a test of the emergency give me attention system.

@socialskeleton fred slipped up and the demons got them. fred swore a solemn promise never to let that happen again...

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