Once read "consuming media is not a hobby" and that destroyed me. I think about it every single day.

@socialskeleton who gives a shit, really. If you enjoy doing it, why preoccupy yourself with other people's phoney baloney definitions

@socialskeleton that's why i make media by doing posting about media that sucks. i'm an interlectual

@socialskeleton anything someone spends time doing and is passionate about counts as a hobby imo

@socialskeleton People should stop thinking about what something is and isn't. Who cares if it's a "hobby". Who cares if something is a "personality". Those are just labels to describe something that exists anyway.

@Gargron a good point! That's about where I'm landing. I'm somewhere between thinking the mantra is just galaxy brained gatekeeping and the fact that incorporating productive/creative activities into your recreational diet does indeed grow you as a person.

@socialskeleton This reminds me of my late grandad. He was the kindest soul, bless him. But he insisted that consuming media was wasting time and one should only create. He never listened to other people's music and as a result I can't tell any of his songs apart, they all sound the same. Consumption is necessary for production. It's all just synthesis.

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