But also some real fuckin talk if you're posting shit like "go back to twitter" because these democratic socialists aren't left enough for you, you don't deserve to be on Mastodon

like sorry this rose emoji who got here two seconds ago isn't versed in the fifth international mao-trotsky dialectic or whatever

"i will simply wait for newcomers to have the exact right set of beliefs and communist armed revolution desires as I do before I entertain the idea that they deserve to leave the birdsite hellscape, literally brimming with nazis and doxxers and trolls."

-y'all dingbats

I'm THERE on twitter, I run the Masto Project Account. I've seen the abyss. Garfield and bees have nothing on TRULY damaging posts that are pure evil in the form of the written word. God this kind of gatekeeping pisses me off, fuck off.

@socialskeleton If they can put up with our awful shit and roll with it, they deserve to be here

@socialskeleton I almost feel like I should have cw'd that joke because of how bad it was

@Cyborgneticz A large amount of organized Bernie supporters have begun migrating to the fediverse over very real concerns that Twitter is censoring Bernie organizers. The majority of posts I've seen have either been welcoming or shitposty, which is fine, but I've seen a couple uhhhh gatekeepy ones that don't want them here.

@Jewbacchus @socialskeleton maybe just be like, this is the home of the scumbag left enter here at your risk

@Jewbacchus @socialskeleton I don't know any of those refs except chapo and I've never listened to them cause the people who love them annoy me and I'm belligerent

@Jewbacchus @Cyborgneticz @socialskeleton Also I feel like a lot of people on the left forget that none of us were born knowing whatever amount of shit we know and often said, did, and thought things that embarrass us now, and that hopefully some of the things we do and say now will embarrass us later because that will mean we grew probably

@Cyborgneticz @Jewbacchus @socialskeleton depends on how many of them there are. will they outnumber us? should we build a wall, and make them pay for it? a “paywall” if you will?

@socialskeleton @Cyborgneticz Oh, is that why i've gotten six new connections who all have bernie in their profile? I was wondering what the fuck was going on, I thought it was trolling.

@socialskeleton @Cyborgneticz what a big pile of shit of people. I often wonder why those are so unfriendly with diverse opinions

@socialskeleton thanks much, I can’t help ribbing slightly in the spirit of shitpoast but there is a line not to be crossed. The attitude you’re describing is also how we’ve had a number of really shitty debacles occur

@socialskeleton people on the fediverse just don’t understand the horror of getting a 3 tweet rant thread from someone whose display name is their website

@socialskeleton don't yell at them, expose them to further left beliefs, they'll probably radicalize real quick.

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