simply reading lore from golarion and reviewing the Houston DSA endorsements for the city elections coming up

sorry they aren't the endorsements from the MLM 4th international vanguard or whatever, I guess im a fake leftist


i always just vote for the candidate with the shortest name so that the news takes less time


sadly, it means i have to endorse Andrew Yang (10 letters, 3 syllables) for president


without Yang my next choice would be Beto O'Rourke (11 letters) or John Delaney (also 11 letters). my rationale is saner than any liberals

@socialskeleton is pathfinder 2e cool though? I love the lore but not as much as the the 5e rules

@laser 2e is a vast improvement over 1e in terms of rules. The mechanics are simple and elegant, but the breadth of choices available to characters blows DnD out of the water. I definitely recommend checking it out!

@socialskeleton @laser sorry im feeling cheeky im going to check out 2e now

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