Again, we are not talking about this nearly enough!! Someone TAUGHT A DOG TO TALK.


Omg I can't leave their insta! This shit is amazing 😭😭

@socialskeleton the part where she said she wanted the lady's boyfriend to come home and then waited by the door until he came in is fucking me up

@socialskeleton it's rude to pretend dogs didn't talk until we gave them a soundboard. Dogs are excellent communicators. The headline should be "we taught humans to listen".

"“I think how important dogs are to their humans,” Hunger says. “I just imagine how much deeper the bond will be.”"

Straight out of Pokemon lol

@socialskeleton Seems like a big thing when you sensationalize and overpersonify it, but it's just basic reward system. He knows he gets a tummy rub when he touches the button so he pushes the button. Just like a dog knows to come when its name is called. The dog doesn't literally know it has a name.

Don't take these gimmicky "news" outlets like People at face value.

@Curarpikt hmm it seems like you did not read the article or look at the Instagram of the speech pathologist running this experiment..


i wanna take the video of this dog and edit the sound so putting his paw on the buttons says "BOOST. BOOST. TOOT. BIRTHDAY. BOOST. TOOT."

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