I asked the family group chat whether I should get this one or another one that's also skeletal, and my grandmother has only responded "No".

@Ophillous it's in the cart but I am waiting because I know I need other stuff and I like to pull the trigger all at once. But rest assured, I will own it.


it's awesome that you don't even need towels when this is your shower curtain because you can just stand in front of it and feel the blistering hot guitar licks.

@socialskeleton @Thomas don't listen gramma is trying to limit your power and she will FAIL

@socialskeleton if you invite your date over and they see this you are gonna get turbo laid. its just science

@dankwraith looking to kick this date into maximum overdrive, you feel?


it's so fucking good!

and what is it about the skeleton's pose that just makes me crack up the longer i stare at this.

@jackdaw_ruiz I don't know, but I feel that energy intensely. I think it's the enthusiasm? Wild abandon?

@socialskeleton this is excellent and I'm so happy for you and your rad bathroom

@bearphomet thank you, neither of us is as happy as Dana, who has delighted in all the empty boxes I now have.

@socialskeleton tactically allowing a date to use your bathroom so she'll know you're a keeper

@laser my grandmother isn't thrilled but it ain't her apartment baby!!

@socialskeleton can't believe skel is so vain he has a life size self portrait in his bathroom.

Love the energy of that curtain and the two toilet brushes.

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