@socialskeleton "An ancient 90s computer tower with almost no ventilation" but is that the sticker i think it is... oh no

@doe it sure is!! This is a terrible, terrible setup! Don't ever do this!!!

@cuttlefish @socialskeleton this 90s PC seems to have a Very Modern AMD Ryzen processor inside, which is Not Great as processors have gotten... a lot hotter (or at least, need more cooling) over the past 20 years

@doe @cuttlefish don't worry, there are several holes I made in the back with a pair of pliers.

@cuttlefish @doe I don't own a drill, and I've been fine so far. When it gets too hot, I just take a panel off and put some ice packs on top of the case

@socialskeleton @cuttlefish okay that comment is starting to put this into groverhaus territory

@SuplexWitch I actually ordered a replacement because the original did not, but the graphics card was too big, so I had to make a choice.

@socialskeleton AMEN TO THAT! I used a full-height SCSI drive to keep my coffee warm.

@socialskeleton please tell me that floppy slot has a drive behind it

@_ I wish! The graphics card was too big, so the march of progress claimed yet another innocent drive.

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