Twitter Jack suddenly had the bright idea of a decentralized Twitter, all on his own!!

@socialskeleton isn't this them just hoovering up all the open source stuff so they can ultimately control its development? they know the fediverse exists, this is almost certainly going to be "let's kill it before it gets big by doing it ourselves, but worse and with a marketing budget"

@velexiraptor there's common narrative of "embrace and extinguish" that open source projects tell each other around the campfire. I don't know whether it's true, but I think Jack's naked dishonesty in this announcement, knowing full well we exist (he literally follows us) is craven.

@socialskeleton @velexiraptor EEE is very true. There have been many examples but look at how m$ bought xamarin and made all the unique features (.net deploy to android, etc) windows only.

@socialskeleton that stupid fuck must be so far off reality...
And I bet he gets through with this and fedi projects will implement their shitty standard.

kinda rabbling response. 

@socialskeleton a month or so after do you spell it? mastadon?

@socialskeleton "Hey get this guys: decentralized, but with forced Nazi interaction." -Jack's pitch🍺

@doctorflappy @socialskeleton aah waiting for the gab CTO to be on this 5 person open source team

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