Ok, here's my apology. Full disclosure, I sent it to Nadia first, but I decided to post without feedback because it isn't anywhere close to their job to explain this to me. Another misstep.

Peter Jackson owns the only known functioning "hero car" from the 1968 movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Several other non-motorized versions exist, but where's the fun in that?

Me volunteering my opinion on cancel culture like a goddamn nuance king

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Twitter Jack suddenly had the bright idea of a decentralized Twitter, all on his own!!

This is a really weird notification to get from your employer, the fourth largest city in America.

Imagine being 81 years old and still being the one they call when the economy collapses. His proposed rule reforms were watered down by Rahm and co., but they are still hated and fought by the Trump administration to this day.

Honestly they should prorate my rent for improving this unit. There are also no holes in the back of the desk for cables, which is just ridiculous considering there's an outlet down there.

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