altering the cryptids code to stop allowing boosts and faves once this happens

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Don't forget to come early so we can pay our respects to Eugen 😥


Racism; Police; TXpol; uncaptioned image 

Good morning. Please enjoy this mellowed version of Naked Alone by L Devine. Thank you.


Here's a sneak peek at one of our posters making a thread about the cultural history of skinwalkers and ways to avoid appropriative language!

Just look at our facilities, where our posters are crafting the fine toots upon which you and your loved ones depend. Remember, don't be stingy with those boosts!

Haha does anybody have some more epic atheism memes like this one 🤣🤣 Christian's are so stupid!!!!!

Breakthrough with Dana!! She likes sitting in my lap, but when she goes lap mode she likes when I pet her head ONLY. If I pet the rest of her, she bites. This is not the case when she is not sitting in my lap. I believe this is tied to not wanting to feel restrained. This understanding has already deepened our bond, as she is now sitting like this, unperturbed.

An Episcopalian introvert complaining about how the world is built for extroverts? You know, the world that gave us single bedroom apartments and smartphones and the internet?

Good morning. The time is 8:41 AM. My bus app tells me about three buses will all come crashing to my stop at once ten minutes from now. In the meantime, here's a picture of Dana.

Your weak, Yankee ass: "ooh look at me, I want walkable stores!!"

The great state of Texas:

I'm not kidding, this channel is actually pretty good lmao. Notice the K logo..

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