I'm shutting this instance down. Not sure how soon, I'll work it out with the host. Thanks for the good times, and I hope Mastodon is a better place in my absence. Goodbye.

Before I go, I've resigned as the tweeter for the Mastodon Project. I'm sure somebody will rightly point out that I'm not the best person for that job at this time, all things considered. I hope and pray that Mastodon solves the whiteness issue. I'm increasingly unsure whether I'm part of that solution or that problem.

Also, I'm gonna sign off for the night and probably for a couple of days. I realize it looks like I am throwing a stink bomb and running when people get mad at me. In some ways, that is what's happening. But I also think that I need to go for a while. I'm not doing well, which is clear in the original post I wrote defending racism without doing literally any research. If I come back and the instance has been completely suspended and isolated, I'll understand.

I also want to thank those who pointed out that what I said was wrong, even those who approached it in an angry fashion. What I wrote demands anger, and I don't hold ill will about that.

Ok, here's my apology. Full disclosure, I sent it to Nadia first, but I decided to post without feedback because it isn't anywhere close to their job to explain this to me. Another misstep.

Leaving this up because I'm not gonna erase a bad take. I'm going to read and learn and apologize. I'm frustrated and perplexed, and I shouldn't have said this. Please hold, or don't.

@seafrog I'm speaking within a vacuum regardless of discourse.

@ItsMorgan sure is! Like I said, I'm talking about the idea of human sacrifice within a vacuum.

@chillallmen I am speaking of the practice in a vacuum. Implying that I think genocide of the Aztecs was good or justified is way beyond what I've said here. I'm not going to retract this.

Perhaps one more: I have no idea what happened last night regarding human sacrifice, but I'd like to go on the record saying that the practice is so abhorrent that it transcends power, culture, etc. It's a crime against humanity and it's epic that the practice has largely ceased and is incredibly against human law.

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Brb, gonna steal land from hell to build a city and sanctuary for all creatures

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I do not need to salt the earth that is inundated with the brine of primeval destruction

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I think it would be cool to expel black ichor upon the altar of mortality,

Haha about to marathon the Magnus Archives at night time in the swamps of Louisiana

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