joe biden has no psychic protection. if we made joe biden the target of a coordinated psychic attack he would melt like a rotted pumpkiin

vibe check 

public transportation is good but i also hate it. the duality of man.


@jennygreenteeth @Ophillous i would respond in kind, but I have exhausted my casual knowledge of this movie :(

gonna list some things i love:

big cheaply made single-family homes in suburbs


car-focused infrastructure

gentrified neighborhoods with seventeen pubs called some variant of "Bacon 'n' Bourbon"


@socialskeleton nonono, this is just me pulling the wool over the eyes of the masses

they get rid of their bones because they think they're superfluous and BOOM, more skeletons for you

consider the humble bone and the way it's got legs

I have no choice but to channel my posting to non-working hours, delete my mobile apps, and double down on that classic, buffoonish bravado my readers have come to endure.

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