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i wish i knew how to talk for 10-30 (youtube-podcast scale) minutes at a time fluently without disassociating five minutes in and just getting lost in deep torrential thought like dante being cast into the inferno.

Back in 1901 they had no idea what a t-shirt was. If you showed them a pair of joggers their head would explode. Everyone wore wool suits that were three inches thick and owned 25 hats.

I found a "things to do in Ottawa if you're LGBTTQ+" article and one of the things on the list is "Explore Manga Culture!" and I'm ready to leave this town forever

i'm gonna slam my cock in a thinkpad and let nature take over

people with ipad are so fucked up ew ewww get ipad away from me please!!!!!

i don’t want to offend you nor do i want you to interpret my whispered support as an active promise to maintain and support your existence within the framework of respectability politics and that’s why your valid to me sweety

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C̮͚͉̞̼r̳͔̤̲y͕̱p̣̮͢t̬̠̙͔͘ͅi̪̣͢d̡̦̤̯̺̥ͅs̫̖̫͍̣͙̗ ̦̫̻O͔̩̫̘͜ņ̟̳̣̻̟l̸͈̖͍̥̳͙i̱͙̘ne̶̠̘̥͚

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