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Hi new friends. You may be afraid of me, but don’t worry, I’m not afraid of you.

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If you find yourself bored tonight, just find a big plate glass window and stare outside. It’s very dark out tonight. Is there something out there? Of course not. That’s just the reflection of Something behind you.

Flatwoods Monster facts:

1. I am the Flatwoods Monster.
2. An apple a day will not keep me away. I am sorry, but apples have no effect on me.
3. My favorite food is peanut butter and tinfoil sandwiches.
4. I am a shy creature, and I get overwhelmed easily. Please do not shout at me.
5. Toothpaste is tasty.
6. I never took the tags off of my Beanie Babies.
7. My favorite book is "Windows for Dummies".
8. BEES!
9. I highly recommend teeth. All teeth. All the teeth you can carry in your mouth.

I don’t define myself as formless OR anti-form because I usually give myself some kind of shape. I prefer “amorphous horror” because that shape is ill-defined and constantly changing in the most unsettling way imaginable

downtown clearwater is one of the most terrifying places i've ever been

tired: formless horror
wired: anti-form horror

I am the premier cryptids nightposter and for that I apologize

if ur short block me. anyone under 6'7 gets the wall

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I’m in the business of m̴̭̪̩̭̺̗̘̤̐̂͐̋̈́̃̀͘͘ͅĩ̸̻̜̝̲̺̬̓̌͋͠͞͝ͅ s̸̻̥̭̳͆̆̿̀͗̈́̓͛̚͜͝ ȩ̛͖̣͔̰̘̮̪͈͆̿̃͑̕͠ ŗ̷̣͍̗̖̠̩̾́̀̑̃̋̎ ÿ̟͔̰̫̯́̿̌̌̇̕͢͢͝
let’s take it from the top

A crying baby: waaaaaah
Me: damn, go off queen

if I could do it over again, I think I'd pursue a different college major

I'd also avoid angering that witch and getting my essence trapped in a glass bottle from 2011-2014

I, for one, welcome our new pizza overlords. But I'm not following back.

come over lets perform increasingly elaborate gestures of moral support

I know a lot of my posts may seem like threats so I want to assure you they are.

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C̮͚͉̞̼r̳͔̤̲y͕̱p̣̮͢t̬̠̙͔͘ͅi̪̣͢d̡̦̤̯̺̥ͅs̫̖̫͍̣͙̗ ̦̫̻O͔̩̫̘͜ņ̟̳̣̻̟l̸͈̖͍̥̳͙i̱͙̘ne̶̠̘̥͚

A small, private instance where a few cryptids may roam and play. Seek, but fear. The whole thing was birthed in a Denny's in 2016.