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OPEN RP: You are a stray cat and Limp Bizkit is trying to coax you out of a storm drain

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baby mario evolves into mario when leveled up with high friendship and then mario evolves into dr mario when exposed to a fire stone

positively fucked up by the concept of a "baby mario"

and anyway why'd they decide on lucario for the movie. he's cool but it's weird that they didn't just use one of the many legendary pokemon that havent really got lore

i guess he was in one of the pokemon movies but i'd argue that the pokemon anime was probably at its least popular point, after the initial wave of players grew out of pokemon but before it got put on toonami or crunchyroll

its so weird that they put lucario in smash. he's not a legendary pokemon or a starter or anything, it's like if they had put toxicroak in smash

for context i am talking about the theory text by J. Sakai and not Settlers of Catan

trying to decide whether masto leftists like Settlers or not

you have to give props to 30 Rock for making liz lemon's love life such a central plot in the first five seasons and then have her get married offscreen before season six

buffing my nuts with a rag and polishing paste for guys night out


can someone explain to me why discord is down as if i am 6 years old

discord is down so i'm just gonna post images and @ anyone i would have sent them too

waiting paitently for jer to come across the limp bizkit rp post

although i know that it's necessary for progress, it will still be a sad day when pannenkoek figures out how to save the half a press on watch for rolling rocks and it becomes outdated

please laugh at my aheago hoodie. i have actual porn on my clothing please notice me

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