me: accidentally types a website wrong into the search bar

google chrome, for the rest of my life: you want to go to netfliz? you like netfliz you dipshit? you really sure you don't want to go to today?

How long since you last cleared your browser history?

Or when you go to a site that is alphabetically earlier than one you are used to jumping to. So now you always go to the new site... That happen to you?

@spookcentral Now that "dot-word" domains are a thing, I'm genuinely surprised that domain squatters aren't buying up domains like "google.cmo".

Do you know how many times I've accidentally mis-typed ".cmo" into the location field?

@spookcentral there's a simple solution to remove outdated or incorrect autocomplete suggestions: start typing in your address bar till the suggestion shows up, use arrow keys to select it, and then hit Shift+Delete to remove it from your autocomplete suggestions.
Instructions for other browsers:

@spookcentral oh yeah, sometimes when I wanna go on Netflix I accidentally type 'pornhub'. Easy typo to make

@spookcentral @Lexi I think it's shift-delete or ctrl-delete to remove entries from auto-complete

@spookcentral If, when it offers those suggestions, you use the up/down arrows to select the mis-typed entry, does shift+delete remove the offender for you?

Works For Me on My Machine(tm)

@spookcentral (I learned this after fighting with the similar issue of the form-auto-fill dropdowns suggesting rubbish entries where I'd mistyped a username; appears to work in the URL bar too)


You can solve this problem by being infallible and always typing correctly.

@spookcentral in case anyone is suffering from this:

shift+delete (not backspace) while hovering over the autocomplete result

Start typing to get the wrong URL to autocomplete, use arrow keys to highlight, and Shift + Delete on PC or Shift + FN + Delete on a Mac.

@spookcentral get the wrong entry to show up in the completions, select it with the cursor keys, shift-delete to remove it. Works in the omnibar and every text entry field that chrome provides completions for.

Also works when spelling words wrong on the android keyboard

@f3r @spookcentral
I've been considering if just chrome is the issue, or using a chomium based browser is also ethicallly questionable. I'd like to use FF but from a day to day usability perspective I'm really liking Vivaldi

@spookcentral highlight the wrong entry with the arrow keys and press delete

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