my college just sent out an email asking the entire student and faculty body to only drink pepsi on campus

@spookcentral This is strictly a PEPSI™ University, we do not tolerate COCA COLA™ products on campus grounds!

@spookcentral are you going to change your name to “Pepsi”

@spookcentral @alex is this to end police brutality and address social justice issues or...😒

@spookcentral barging into the president's office and drinking an entire 2L of Dr Pepper without stopping or breaking eye contact

@spookcentral I'd wear a the shirts of various soda competitors out of protest

Telling my tinder date "you may have already noticed the impact of this beverage agreement" at the bar

@spookcentral my college can't do that. A Lutheran church technically owns one spot and specifically put a coke machine there. So there is a single coke machine on campus. 😈 I wonder when they'll be installing the Pepsi ads in lecture halls.

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