it's time to play:

The Aeneid!

In this game, you guess whether i've described Andrew Hussie's 2009 webcomic Homestuck, or Virgil's 1st century epic poem The Aeneid!

First round:

In this work, a main character and his friends work to access a new world where it is prophesied they will become the progenitors of an new race of people

Second round:

The plot contains a large cast of characters, is split up into distinct acts, and is unfinished!

Third round:

The theme of fate is a major factor, with many actions throughout the work being implied to be predestined so that the ultimate goal can be carried out!

Fourth Round:

Dead characters often reappear and help out the living! In fact, the main heroes visit the land of the dead and commune with their ancestors while on their way to the new world!


The writer of this work took money from many people to help himself finish the work in a timely fashion, but was accused of spending the money he was given on personal expenses, especially watercraft!

@spookcentral its a decentralized federated social media platform...


Hussie: bought a jetski with kickstarter cash

Virgil: used a stipend given to him by Emperor Augustus to hire a ship and sail to Greece for 'research'

@spookcentral @gayalien yes.... "research" and the fourth panel is a 8unch of 8ad images of hay

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