if you just boost the bottom one he looks like he's holding up the TL

@Spacedrake @spookcentral

I've only seen them boosted the wrong way around and he's ripping apart the timeline lol

@spookcentral @Gargron UI issue: when there's no text on an image post, there's nothing to click to expand for the comments

@rubenwardy I think he knows. You can always click the triple dots and choose 'Expand this status' (but I'm sure you know this otherwise you wouldn't have been able to comment here
@spookcentral @Gargron

@Naughtylus @spookcentral @Gargron I commented here by clicking the reply icon, which doesn't expand the status - it just opens the composer to the right. I didn't know about the triple dot option. I feel like that's bad UI/UX. I'd expect to be able to click the blank space beliow the profile picture, or even the image

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