Werner Herzog saying, "Bounty hunting is a complicated profession. Don't you agree?" in a Star Wars show sounds like a shitpost someone here would say, and I'm happy it's real



it's not really a complicated profession, you find the dude and get the bounty, like i get the idea from the name "bounty hunter"

@spookcentral yea, seems pretty straight forward. what the fuck is with that guy?


the only time bounty hunting has got kinda complicated was in metroid but samus is a bounty hunter like mario is a plumber

@spookcentral @healyn it is incredibly obvious to me that neither of you have seen dog the bounty hunter

@spookcentral totally different scenario. although i guess the mandalorian is also in outer space, so i dont know what the hell goes on there


the mandalorian is gonna have to unlock the varia suit so that he can go to norfair

@spookcentral @healyn
I have read that the devteam asked if they could implement, y'know, actual bounties into one of the Metroid Prime games. The reaction was basically "what the WHAT why would you even think that's something Samus would do?!"

They literally had no idea what it meant. "bounty hunter" is just "cool space person" in Japanese.

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