begging the prageru dude to explain what the fuck 'art' is if its not personal expression

i wonder what happened after 1950 to make the graph just flatline... i bet the prageru guy thinks it was when the beatles broke up

@spookcentral first i say "lol what the hell.........."
then i lol again

@spookcentral *looking at this graph* art is about picture of horses

@spookcentral If art can't be quantified by a single, all encompassing numerical value, then what the hell good is it?

@spookcentral I'm guessing the point it's at "zero" is when that urinal became found art. Just... chuds have a problem with that piece, I guess.


that piece (Fountain by Rene Duchamp) came out in 1917

@spookcentral I know nothing about art history *shrug* but neither do they so like they probably think "Dur this is hippy liberal shit."

@spookcentral i cant get over all the little bumps and dips in the line, like its actually measuring anything. art peaked in 1850! drooped into 1900, where it was making a comeback and then oh no! there it goes!!!


according to prageru art died when they released star wars

@spookcentral 1969: the year art died (became an act of personal expression)

@spookcentral incorrect, it went back up in the late 90s when people started making pornography for the internet


and then back down again when they started making cursed kink stuff

@spookcentral prager U guy shaking his fist like "stop having fetishes over there! don't make me show you the graph again!"


everyone knows they didn't invent gay people until stonewall

@spookcentral Maybe the consolidation of abstract expressionism...? In broad strokes it seems to me that this guy doesn't like the second avant-gardes and all that came after.

@spookcentral art is when you paint a rich white person and make their inbreeding less visible



Stuff meant to glorify the status quo I guess

But like most of the best art is just "hey lemme draw/paint/sculpt a thing" and sometimes that's either tiddies or an abstract shape

@spookcentral this is like the most Brasseye chart to ever have been made by someone other than Brasseye.

@stolas @spookcentral To the extent a completely nonsensical y axis, combined with a chronological x axis and a completely arbitrary squiggly line is "a real chart"? I guess.

@spookcentral I ain’t feel strongly about PragerU, but I do have opinions about axes without units on ‘em. Millistandards?

Lol what a fuckstick. Then again isn't this the org that had a stompy tantrum about YouTube oppressing conservatives bc some of their videos that had kid-inapproptiate content was marked restricted for filter purposes? Not surprised this is the level if educational material they have.

@spookcentral commissioning religious imagery with your face on the baby jesus

@spookcentral i remember back in 1865, when artistic standards were 256. nowadays theyre zero...........

@spookcentral If some dink shows this to me, my first question will be about the units used for the Y axis.

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